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Luckie's Stay-Put


Stay-Put helps to keep your Pinestraw lasting longer throughout the Year... 

Stay-Put is also ideal for border edges, acting like a long-lasting “hairspray” to maintain carefully formed tuck-and-rolls or in areas with moderate water flow and leaf fall, to prevent Luckie's Synthetic Straw from migration. Stay Put acts as a surface tackifier, maintaining the maximum volume of the installation every time it is fluffed.  

Stay-Put is water-soluble and cures in 24 hours, increasing the surface adhesion of Luckie’s Synthetic Straw. It is dispensed from a standard backpack sprayer. Stay-Put is also recommended for border areas, where it will maintain the integrity of the border edge around the base of trees. With Stay-Put, leaves can be blown or vacuumed without disturbing the Pinestraw.

  • Stay-Put puts a sheen and UV coating on your pinestraw to keep the pinestraw from breaking down and deteriorating, lasting over a year. 

  • Stay-Put is Tactifying...

    • Stay-Put tactifies the Pinestraw to keep it in place. The spray dries clear and is similar to hairspray. This helps to keep the pinestraw intact so it doesn’t blow away.

  • Stay-Put is Non-Toxic

  • Stay-Put allows water and nutrients to flow through plants, shrubs, and trees.

  • Stay-Put is safe for Plants and Pets

  • Stay-Put is applied during installation.  

    • It is well worth the extra money to keep your pinestraw lasting throughout the year.

  • Our customers that use it love it and always ask for it every time we spread their pinestraw.

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