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Longleaf Bales

Natural, square, longleaf bales. Our pinestraw bales come exactly as you want and are easier to handle, weighing around 14 lbs.  

Read more about our different types of pinestraw bales to see what works for you:

    • ​Our longleaf natural square bales are our most popular product! Each bale is fully packed with golden longleaf straw. Every bale is raked and cleaned to ensure your satisfaction! Our bales go further! Don't depend on Lowes or Home Depot to complete the job; our bales can stretch 50 sqft per bale! Their bales are smaller and are the short needle slash straw that does not last! Call for pricing!


    • ​Our new "color-treated pinestraw" has been a hit around the South! Each bale is "machine baled" and treated with a natural pigment that is safe for plants and the ground while even protecting the straw from decomposing! It gives the straw a great Ruby Red color for up to 9 months!!! This allows you to only straw once a year which means more money in your back pocket! Call for pricing!


    • ​New to the menu, we now offer jumbo longleaf square bales. These bales are baled with a hay baler, making them much bulkier. These bales are fully packed with 1.5 square bales of golden long leaf and weigh approximately 21 lbs! Cut a job in half with the use of these bales! Call for pricing!

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